Dépannage Saint-Agapit Inc

Our generous sponsors

November and December are important months for our organization.
They allow us to raise funds to help low-income families
throughout the year and give them a well-stocked Christmas basket.

An exceptional man has left us
One year already since an exceptional man left us.

André, what remains of you is what you sowed and shared with us all. We shared so many projects. There are so many more things we would like to do together. We want to remember you and continue your work. Lord help us to make the right decisions to continue to provide help to single people and poor families in our community as André did for many years.

Being of service, doing good without any other objective, that’s who André Ouellet was. Help us so that we can continue his work and continue to come to help disadvantaged individuals and families in our community.

Last update : May 3rd 2024